Adlib 2013: Ivanna Mestres

Fashion designer Ivanna Mestres started working in the world of fashion quite early. When she was only 15, she began to help in a sewing workshop. Born in Girona, in 2005 he moved to Ibiza. Shortly after she began studying Clothing Design. After she got a degree, she created her own brand in 2008. Her first designs where made for show business.  She loves working with lace, embroidered, silk and sequins. Sophisticated and elegant, her party dresses are a must have for a night out in Ibiza.

Ivanna Mestres, in the middle, posing with two models.

As a young designer, what can be your contribution to Adlib fashion?
Although my main inspiration is freedom, a characteristic of Adlib fashion, I consider my creations away of the look of classic Adlib. I think I create sophisticated and elegant party dresses that are great for a night out in Ibiza.

Could you tell us something about the designs that we will see at Adlib fashion show?
I will reveal all on the catwalk! But I can say that I am preparing something special only to be featured at Adlib fashion show. I will keep my style.

After 40 years, Adlib is still alive. How would you explain that theIbiza fashion has stood the test of time?
From my point of view Adlib fashion survives thanks to many factors. One of them -the main one, I would say- is that Ibiza always have had good designers, very creative people who kept the fashion history alive. We also live in a cosmopolitan island, tourists from all the world are visiting us and it helps to spread the trends created in Ibiza. I also believe that the island has a unique and very special energy .

Is more difficult for a young designer to find her way in the world of fashion? Nowadays the world of fashion is difficult for everyone. The beginnings are very hard, but with hard work, perseverance and passion at least you find your way.

How do you think Adlib will evolve in the future? Are we walking in the right direction? I would love to know the answer, it would solve all my problems! I think that we all walk on a different directions and everyone has his own evolution. It is great that Ibiza is creating different trends and styles, that’s what makes Ibiza fashion so exciting. In the future, I would like that Adlib kept it essence into a wide variety of styles in order to show the world a cosmopolitan Ibiza.

Ivanna’s Ibiza.

A beach: Cala Saladeta, Cala Pluma (Salinas).
A restaurant: Passion, healthy food, creative, ecological and high quality.
A sunset in: Punta Galera.
Shopping in: I have not much time for shopping but I like small charming boutiques in the port. I also love vintage.
Going out: A drink at Sushi Point Ibiza with my family.


See below some designs by Ivanna Mestres:


Ivana Mestres
by Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona