Adlib 2013: Hippy Chick

Hippy Chick is an explosion of color that celebrates the joy of living. The designer Cecilia Rossini, from Argentina, is the creative talent behind a brand born in Ibiza and inspired on the island lifestyle. We love the versatility of their tunics and kaftans, ideal for a perfect look from the beach to the club. This year, Hippy Chick will present at Adlib Fashion Show a collection inspired by the colors of the seven chakras or energy centers of our body. Today we feature a brand designed for glamorous women.

Cecilia Rossini,  Hippy Chick fashion designer.

For those who still do not know you, tell us about your beginnings in the world of fashion.The truth is that I never studied design. I always remember myself stirring small trunks and closets of my family, rescuing hats, dresses, shoes and lot of stuff for my own wardrobe. I wanted to wear special things that I couldn’t find in the stores. So I started doing my own things. These were muy beginnings. Fashion design is my art, the way I choose to express myself. I believe that my creativity is my greatest gif. And I enjoy my job!  It started as a hobby and know is my way of life.

How would you define your style?It is a fusion of Bohemian  Chic and Folk Deluxe, although I do not like to put limits. The concept is to make unique garments that will surprise.
What inspires you when creating your collections?I am inspired by life itself, in its diversity of forms, colors of nature, experiencies… Living in Ibiza is also very inspiring, I am still amazed by its magic and beauty. I also find a source of inspiration in my travels and in the garments that have a history behind, as old clothes, designs from my grandmother, great grandmother, etc. …. Then I combine all this to make unique creations .
Why kind of woman wear your designs?Sensual, glamorous, safe and aware of themselves, women who know what they want, curious, sensitive, sympathetic, cheerful and funny. They are women who do not follow the trends all the time, they give more importance to their own beauty and comfort. The most beautiful woman is the one that feels good with herself.
It’s been 40 years and we see that Adlib has experienced a big evolutionWhat is Adlib today?Adlib is a fusion. It started on the island in the 70s as search of the freedom.  Adlib mixed fabrics from East and Africa with typical Ibiza payesas garments. I think we are still in the same wave, fusing everything in this cosmopolitan island. The diversity of cultures, the contact with nature and the use of natural and noble fabrics are the essence of Adlib.

What could you tell us about your Spring/Summer 2013 collection?This year I am introducing a collection full of strength and color, inspired by the colors of the seven chakras or energy centers of our body, each color for every mood. We are featuring orange, yellow, green, pink, turquoise and indigo. Sheer dresses for a look very cheerful and cool, with lot of prints inspired by nature with details of tropical flowers and plants.

Cecilia’s Ibiza

A beach: Salinas.
A restaurant: The Destination in San Jose.
A sunset: In the Magic Es Vedra.
Shopping at: I have little time to go shopping here. I enjoy shopping during my travels, at fairs and bazaars all over the world.
Going out: Calma, in Marina Ibiza.

Some creations of the Hippy Chick Spring/Summer 2013 collection:

Hippy Chick shops:
C/ Ses Figueres, 13 – Talamanca – Ibiza – tel: +34 971 199 951
C/ Santa Cruz,13 – Dalt Vila – Ibiza – tel: +34 971 399 365
Also in Las Dalias hippy market and in a few beach clubs and cool stores on the island.
by Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona