Adlib 2013: Charo Ruiz

Brides from all over the world dream of wearing a Charo Ruiz design on her wedding day. Timeless dresses that breathe the breeze of the Mediterranean, cosmopolitan designs and 100% whole island-building process: design, pattern making and cutting through clothing is made in Ibiza. So are the creations of Charo Ruiz, a designer who is based on the simplicity of the tissues: voiles, 100% cotton, brocade and lace guipure carefully combined.

Born in Seville, Charo Ruiz settled in Ibiza in 1980, when she presented her first collection. Now the brand launches several collections and is fully consolidated in Spain and internationally. Today we interview Charo Ruiz. 

The designer Charo Ruiz, one of the most international Ibiza designers.

You were one of the pioneers of the Adlib fashion in the 80s. How have you seen the phenomenon evolve over the years?  Adlib fashion evolution has been reasonable. From the beginning until now there have been many changes, the shows that were held when Smilja was alive were fun, as was the time on the island. Now times have changed, but thought the moment is difficult Adlib Fashion continues evolving.

You are one of the most international designers from Ibiza. Why Adlib is getting popular everywhere? Probably because the fashion made in Ibiza is very different from the designs made in the rest of Europe. Our fashion is very special and different, I think that’s the reason why our fashion is being successful.

Many bridals dream of wearing a Charo Ruiz design, bohemian style an 100% made in Ibiza. What inspires you when creating? I am inspired by the bride herself. Every woman is different and you have to design the perfect model for everywoman, she has to feel unique in that special day

What can you tell us about the designs you will be featuring at Adlib Fashion Show? I can tell nothing because  I want to surprise everybody!

How do you see the future of fashion in Ibiza?  We are living in difficult times and  we have to work a lot. Companies have to professionalize. I think the way is hard work, seriousness and creativity.

Charo’s Ibiza

To me Ibiza is all: Is the place I chose to live, where my children were born, where I get inspired….
A beach: es Cavallet, for all the wonderful moments I lived there with my family.
A restaurant: Escollera in Es cavallet, for the same reason.
A suset: Cap d’es Falco, long time ago.
Shopping at: I love Las Dalias hippy market.
Going out: Lío

See below some designs by Charo Ruiz: 

Colección novias 2013

A must: Do not miss Charo Ruiz Ibiza facebook page. We love the contest ‘Bridal of the year’. In the picture, the bridal who won.

Charo Ruiz

Adlibitum. Calle Bisbe Cardona, 10. Puerto de Ibiza.

Charo Ruiz. Calle Salvador Camacho. Santa Eulària.

Facebook/Charo Ruiz Ibiza

by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti