Adlib 2013: Arizona

Christine Astruc is the artisan behind Arizona, a brand with strong personality born 30 years ago in Ibiza. Beautiful hand-painted leather coats, sexy fringed skirts, dresses inspired by American Indian tribes…this is Arizona: designs to not to be unnoticed. Maybe that’s why Christine has dressed some of the most famous pop singers Spain. Today Ibiza Trendy interviews a designer that makes authentic pieces of art.

Christine Astruc at her shop-atelier in the Port of Ibiza.

Tell us a about your beginnings in Ibiza. I came to Ibiza in 1978 and my first job was selling bikinis and thongs on the Salinas beach. It was long time ago! In 1983 I opened my boutique. I have always liked the leather but I never studied design, I have always been totally self-taught.

What makes your designs special? I do not follow any trend, I just do things that I like. I love the fringe, the indian tribes, the leather… this is my inspiraton. I love working with leather, it is so pleasant!  My designs are for people looking for originality and craftsmanship,  Many designs are also hand painted by Arturo Miranda, a great artist.

What kind of woman wears your creations? I have many types of clients, but all  have in common that they are people with a strong personality, who like original pieces. I dressed several pop stars: Marta Sanchez, Rosario, Ana Torroja … Mecano weared my fringed jackets for a tour, they got a very spectacular look! . Arizona clothes are for people that has not been unnoticed.  Some costumers from LA and New York told me that people keep asking where they bought their painted coats.

What are you going to present this year in Adlib? Well, there are always trends, but for me the first thing is personality. At first my client type is not very young girl, but a woman who is clear about what he likes. This year I will present black leather pieces-but also some designs in color … I actually always my air.

How do you see the future of Adlib fashion? Yesterday I was listening readio programm ‘World Babel’ on Radio 3 and the were speaking about Spanish fashion, which is one of the first in the world: Zara, Mango … they are produce something barbaric. Adlib has a name and is known, goes in the magazines … I guess it all depends on whether it supports the people who make Adlib. Working in Ibiza is very difficult, you have to have faith and great energy. All is difficult: find professional people who can work, gender … we’re on an island and is more complicated. You have to move a lot and put a lot of passion. I think it would be important to work something even during the winter. Now I will start using facebook to sell online, because the  season is getting shorter. Also in Ibiza rents are very expensive, everything is expensive. The good part is that as I have been here for 30 years, so many people know me!

Christine’s Ibiza

A beach: I love Salinas at this time, when it is not so crowed. But I also like Llenya Cala, Cala Comte, Cala Bassa.
A restaurant: El Bigotes, on Cala Mastella. It is like a cabin where you can eat fresh fish in front of the see. It is a place without glamor, very authentic.
Sunset: Cap des Falco
Shopping at: I love IBZ Code, because they have original things, quality and affordable.
Going out. I got a lot of fun in Sirocco this winter!  I also love Space, I never miss the opening party!

See below some leather designs by Arizona. 

Arizona  Boutique Atelier
Calle Castelar 17, primer piso. Puerto de Ibiza.

by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti