E-fit: the cellulite killer

Are you ready to get fit in 2015? We have just started a new year full of good intentions that that sometimes get lost in the way. Very busy? Don’t like to go the gym? Lack of time? If you said yes, we have something for you: Be Cool Fitness Ibiza is the best choice for those who can not spend more than an hour a week doing sport, but are seeking for great and quick results. The sessions takes only 25 minutes and this system is the most effective cellulite killer. That’s why celebs are loving it!

In Ibiza the fitness center Be Cool, located in avenida 8 d’Agost, is the first one that is offering the e-fit system. The e-fit vest, medically endorsed, produces muscle electrostimulation. This training achieve good very good results in eliminating cellulite, lifting buttocks and overall toning. This method burns more calories in a short time. I

Get a bonus! 10 sessions and nutritional monitoring. If you come with your couple, or with a friend, both have a free trainning.

E-fit is a recommended for those who prefer a personalized training, far from conventional gyms, and want go get fit quickly. Its benefits are extraordinary in people with obesity, back pain or cellulite or body sagging, in which case it is particularly efficient. It is also indicated for professional athletes who want to improve their results.

In ten sessions you will see a substantial direct muscle activation, rehabilitation of flabby muscles, improves blood flow to the surrounding tissue, fat loss, improved back and less cellulite.  If you combine with diet, you will also prevent diseases related to sedentary life.

Be Cool Fitness

Avenida 8 de Agosto, Nueva Ibiza, local 20 (in front of Centro de Salud de Vila)

Phone: 871870247

First training is free if you purchase a bonus.

Opening times: 9 to 2 and 5 to 9 pm. From Monday to Saturday.