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Need some low cost decorating ideas for your home? Wanna turn that ugly old furniture in an attractive chest of drawers? Would love a new window shop to make your business more attractive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Nayra Caravaca and Vanessa Gimeno from DecoRecicla are the girls you are looking for.  Today Ibiza Trendy inteviews two designers that can turn your home into a dream. And yes, you can get it at affordable prices.

Nayra Caravaca studied Ephemeral Architecture at the School of Arts and Crafts of Alicante and Interior Design at the School of Arts of Ibiza. She worked four years in Ibiza as a consultant in home decor and also worked in Milano with the architect Roberto dell Aqua. She has been the manager at Tarecos decorating business. Vanesa Gimeno has degree in Fine Arts from the University of Valencia and Master in Graphic Design. She worked for 11 years in interior design for Muebles Roma. She is also an artistic painter and restorer of furniture and artwork.

Why did you created DecoRecicla and what services do you offer? We are in a difficult moment because the crisis and we believed that Ibiza needed a company that offers low cost decorating and refurbishing services. We want to change the idea that hiring a decorator is always very expensive. In addition, we also combine decoration with furniture recycling, or as we call it, “tuning of furniture”. We focus mainly on rental apartments and do a “facelift” to the property reusing what already exists and making the most of the home at the lowest cost, so the owner can rent it and even increase the price . We call it “Home Staging” . We give a complete service. We deliver 2D and 3D to show the final result. And facilitate a professional photographic dossier before and after redecoration. DecoRecicla also offer a shop window dressing and visual merchandising product presentation, that can help the stores to increase their sales.

Gatzara Ibiza shop window, before and after DecoRecicla work.

You have introduced a new concept in Ibiza: low cost decor. Tell us about it.  Low cost decor means restoring a house with minimum investment . Our goal is to get the maximum result with the minimum cost. We try to reuse what already exists in the home and find what you need at the best price. We also seek second-hand furniture and recycle it, making unique pieces with style and personality. Our routes are typically second hand markets, were we find real treasures and restoring them at ridiculous prices, giving a chic style to your home.

How much does it cost? Our prices range between 50 and 90 euros to restore forniture and between 150 and 300 to redecorate a room, including counseling, finding furniture and project implementation.They are very affordable prices! We also make a first visit without obligation to make the budget.

You work a lot recycling and restoring furniture. Do we need to work with real antique furniture or all types of furniture can be recycled? Almost all furniture can be recycled, even if they are ugly! You just have to have original ideas and knowledge and skills to do it successfully. We work both in ancient and modern furniture. And we seek creative and customized solutions for each client.

This ugly forniture, turned in a very cool chest whit Union Jack flag print. Very trendy!

Forniture restoration .

What are the trends in decorating for this season? Is recycling also a trend? Recycling is very fashionable! Many people are looking for personal style and want something different and special. Vintage style is the latest in trends. The word vintage is used for those cabinets that have survived at least twenty years after its creation, and then became a classic ‘treasure’. What when we say vintage we also mean new items inspired by the classics.

What has been your biggest challenge so far? The truth is that in our work all projects are challenging. We seek solutions for each client. And we usually do not repeat. Making every unique decoration or restoration is our goal.

Could you reveal us some decor secrets? We can not tell everything. .. because we try to be original and unique. Furthermore, each piece has its own personality and style and we must learn to make the most. We use different restoration techniques.


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Special thanks to DecoRecicla for the photos published in this post.