Adlib 2013: tonight is the night

This morning we ha attended to the presentation of Adlib Fashion Show 2013 at Ocean Beach Club in Sant Antoni. A sunny sunshine, turquoise water pools, celebrities, an aerial acrobatics show and … a Locomía live performance! … Yes, the legendary group from the 80  is back! They are younger, the are new…but they still dance with big fans. They will be performing a show tonight at Adlib Fashion Show and at White Party in es Paradis.

The presenter of the event, Silvia Jato; the famous model Elisabeth Reyes, the president of the Consell, Vicent Serra, the Conceler of Industry and Fashion, Vicente Roig, and the mayor of San Antonio, Pepita Gutierrez (pictured during the press conference) have been talking about tonight’s event, which will start at 21.30 at the Sant Antoni Yatch Club. Silvia joked about her 42 birthday, which is today, and the 41th anniversary of Adlib. “It is very exciting for me to come to Ibiza … I can tell that I was almost born at the same time than Adlib fashion!”. “Today, Ibiza fashion is a pride for the island and a fashion known around the world,” she said. TV host also flowed a very big kiss to her partner Rachel Sánchez Silva, who couldn’t come to Ibiza after the tragic death of her husband.

Silvia Jato, wearing a Charo Ruiz blue tunic, celebrates today her 42 birthday.

We’ve been chatting with model Elisabeth Reyes, who has confessed that this summer will  come to Ibiza whit her boyfriend during holidays. “The last few times I came here to work, so this year we have decided to come with my boy. He has been spending his holidays in Ibiza for the last 9 years, so I believe that he will be great guide”. The gorgeous model is a fan of Ibiza fashion. “I like it beacause is very comfortable and very wearable, both by day or by night. Besides, I love the white color”.

Elisabeth Reyes was georgeous wearing a white dress and flat sandals with rinhestones.

Carmen Lomana, wearing a tunic by Piluca Bayarri and World Family Ibiza handbag, with the conceler.

Cava and pink cava to refresh a hot morning in San Antoni.

Aerial acrobatic show at the Ocean Beach Club.

Locomia Ibiza is back !

by Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona