The wedding planner: Olga arce

A magical sunset on the sea in Ibiza. This is the scenario that couples who are getting married on the island dream of. The so-called wedding tourism is experiencing a boom in Ibiza, attracting coulples from all over Europe who want to get married enjoying the  sunshine and the beauty of the island. Today, Ibiza Trendy interviews wedding planner Olga Arce, who reveals the secrets behind a celebration.

Olga Arce, en el centro, con dos novios durante una boda en Ibiza.

TOP WEDDING. “The first wedding I organized was in fact a practical exercise for my studies, I was studing a Master in Image Consulting  We did it in Atzaró and all was in orange color: the decor, the invitations … finally I got a 10 score on the exam. ”

THE MOST POPULAR. The sunsets on the beach and total white look are the most popular things. “Almost everyone wants their wedding to be with white guests.  That creates a very clean and harmonious atmosphere. Also a sunset on the beach is the most wanted. I usually work on  Sant Josep coasline, which has amazing views. ”

GROOMS. “I get more calls and emails from brides grooms. It may sounds strange, but usually men take the initiative. Though, of course, whenever I meet with the bride and talked all the details. Males are more practical, women often have in their head they dream wedding “.

ALL INCLUDED. Olga Arce can manage every aspect of the wedding: invitations, photos, videos, decorating, finding locations, the dress of the bride and the stylism of the guests … The final price will vary greatly depending on the number of guests, the menu, the place chosen. The average price of a wedding with 100 guests would be around 30,000 euros.

RINGS LOST. At Olga Arce’s job, all details are under control. Or should be. So when something comes out of the script, it is easy to ‘panic’. Can you imagine that the rings disappear when the couple are already in front of the altar? “Now I laugh, but at that time I was dying. Bride’s mother had kept the ring and put on the pads without pins. When the kind that was carrying the pads reached the altar and handed the box to the priest, he shouted: but here no rings! ‘. Everyone get crazy looking for them. Finally the grooms married whith the wedding rings from their parents. Later, we found the rings in a bag. ”

TEARS OF JOY. “It may seems silly, but I cry at every wedding. When the bride appears, the sound of music, the sea, the sunset … everything is amazing”.

Olga Arce

by Judit Carcasona y Julia Fioravanti