Very low cost

Do you remember that a few weeks ago we told you about a store where everything was priced at 20 euros?. Well, Romina and Boris surprises us again with a new accessories store. Yes, in less than a month they have a new shop! Last Friday we attended the opening of OUI C MOI Accessories in San Antonio. Here we can find a variety of handbags, shoes, scarves and all kinds of accessories with the same philosophy, all at 20 euros!

New: OUI C MOI Ibiza on-line shop: Buy lastest trends, wherever you are, here:

There are plenty of hot summer colors, with the famous skull necklaces and crosses for this season.

Decor is done with style. Gray wooden pallet, paper on the walls, white boxes…Despite the simplicity of each image, composition and lighting are beautifully maintained.

In the shoes department you can find a variety of sandals for girls from 2 years.

OUI C MOI. All for twenty garments  are for people with special lifestyle who seek comfort, simplicity in dress and of course, get the trendiest look.

Gender is renewed weekly and is brought directly from Paris.

Last friday we enjoyed good music and a lively opening party. We were offered glasses of champagne and a tray of delicious varieties of sushi and maki of the Restaurant Sushi Point of Ibiza.

OUI C MOI. All for twenty. C/ del Progreso, 10. Sant Antoni

by Julia Fioravati