Charming hats

Sombrerería Bonet is one of those stores with a charming vintage soul. When you go though the doorway feel like traveling in time, to a place with the elegance of things that never go out of style. Sophisticated and attractive wedding brimmed straw hats, classic panamas and berets. In this old place, located at Comte Rossello street, in front of Pereyra, everything is kept as the first day. Its founder was Joan Bonet Ferrer who ran this business since 1916, “Now we are their descendants who own the store”, explains Francesca, shopgirl.

Juana and husband, Juan Bonet, used to fabric homemady hats. Later  business went from generation to generation to nowadays, when granddaughter Virginia owns sthe shop.

In this store you can find a wide assortment of hats of all types and colors. Materials are getting lighter, while still maintaining the excellent quality that is the hallmark of the house:  Panama style, cowboy, beret, borsalinos, etc. “The most expensive Panama costs 295 euros and we have it in a glass case. You need to iron it before using, as they come packed in their original style, “says Francesca.

Borsalines. Prices range from 18 euros to 70 euros.

This store atracts all types of costumers, from tourists strolling through the neighborhood, to celebrities like the Baroness Thyssen or he Duchess of Alba, who loves pamela hats.

Do not miss Sombrerería Bonet, such a special place with and old fashionable glamour.

Sombrerería Bonet

Calle Comte de Roselló 6. Ibiza.

by Julia Fioravanti