Sales 2013: Fashion accessories

More discounts in Ibiza stores. Yesterday we showed you a selection of clothes and today it’s time handbags, boots and hats. Do not miss the chance to buy precious bags as the clutch in main picture with discounts up to 50%. Featured image clunch, made of horse skin,  goes from 85 to 42.50 euros. Find it at Histeric Ibiza. What are you waiting for?

Studded suede handbag with fringes.  Before: 119 euros. Now: 59,80. 50% off. Histeric Ibiza.

Studded leather sneakers. Before: 179 euros. Now: 89,50 euros. 50% off. Histeric Ibiza.

Leather boots. Before: 179 euros. Now: 89,50 euros. 50% off.  Histeric Ibiza.

Handbag in horse leather in brown and black, with studs. Before: 88,70 euros. Now:  81 euros. T&C.

Brown hat. Before: 30,90 euros. Now: 24 euros. 20% off. T&C.

Motorbike boots with sequins. Before: 173 euros. Now: 121. 30% off. Replay.

Leather boots in black and brown. Before: 240 euros. Now: 168. 30% off. Replay.

Shopping bag. Before: 119 euros. Now: 59,50 euros. 50% off. Replay.

Suede brown handbag. Before: 159 euros. Now: 79,50 euros. 50% off. Replay.

Snakeskin blue handbag, studded. Before: 229 euros. Now: 183.  20% off. Reina&Roses.

Mexicana boots in aged leather. Before: 495 euros. Now: 395.  20% off.  Reina&Roses.

Eco shopping bag with print, by Marks. Before: 39,40. Now: 20 euros. Octopus Shop.

Leather Wallet imitating a gun, by Macon&Lesquoy. Before: 105 euros. Now: 53 euros. Octopus Shop.


Histeric Ibiza
Vara de Rey 26. Ibiza.
Bartomeu Vicent Ramon 17, Ibiza.
Facebook / Histeric Ibiza

T&C Ibiza
Calle Abad i Lasierra. Ibiza. facebook/T & C

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Octopus shop
Calle Sant Llorenç. Santa Eulària des Riu. facebook/ Octopus Shop Ibiza

Bartolomeu Ramón y Tur, 5. Ibiza.

by Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona