Nomadic bracelets

At famous Blue Marlin beach club in Cala Jondal, we find a little shop that sells a lovely collection of bracelets with a very peculiar history. We mean Saami Crafts, jewelry inspired by the ornaments that over the centuries have been made by Saami, a nomadic tribe from northern Scandinavia.

Jewellery from Saami Crafts is based on traditional patterns and materials. Classic styles are reinterpreted with less conventional materials to create contemporary pieces. Traditionally, reindeer leather is used as the base material for embroidery with tin-silver thread. In the 16th century, the Saami people began to embroider using tin-siver thread. This traditional craft mainly originates from southern and central Saami regions and inspires Saami Crafts collection. We love this folkie and artistic jewels. Here we show you some models, prices range from 60 to 160 euros aprox.

You can find a wide selection of Saami Crafts jewelry at Blue Marlin. As well accessories and jewelry from other brands. We love its cabinet chock-full of real treasures.
by Judit Carcasona