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Virgensita no me lleves (Virgensita do not take me away) is pure Mexican spirit. The beautiful collection of bracelets and bookmarks designed by Rebecca Beltrán, from Ibiza, transport us into a colorful world that smells like chile and tastes like tequila with salt and lemon. Turquoise blue Caribbean waters, red  spices and the emerald green jungles of Mexico mix with crosses, skulls, flowers, guns … and a definitive  muse: Frida Kalho. All this happens in the particular universe of Virgensitas. Today we open for you this incredible treasure chest.

Rebecca was born in Ibiza, where he began his career as a journalist by day and paparazzo by night. She then moved to Barcelona to learn about the publishing world and achieved more than ten years of industry experience. Today she is working as a freelancer for various publishers. Virgensita is her hobby and allows her to enjoy two great pleasures: meeting people and beauty. Her life philosophy: “What shall I do tomorrow? Improvising is the best way not to break your plans.” We talked to Rebecca about design, insipiración, fashion and Ibiza.

How were born Virgensitas no me lleves?

Born by chance exactly one year ago, when I made two bracelets, one for me and one for my mother, and I was surprised that many people asked  me for its origin. Artisans, jewelers, store clerks, clothing and accessories shops … Finally I decided to do something more and try how about the public receive. When I sold my first six bracelets in less than half an hour, I knew  they liked. And I’ve been a year with them!

Mexico in the heart and Frida as muse. Are any other sources of inspiration?

Tequila, of course! And the original spirit of the Adlib fashion, “dress as you like, but dress warmly.” In Virgensita no me lleves all fits, flowers and guns, coffins and hearts, angels and catrinas. They are always skulls and the only rule is beauty. In addition, I dialogue a lot with my  friends and clients, and try to adjust to their taste, so that they are also are my muses.

The soul of Virgensitas is made of agate, white coral, onyx stones … but also more curious stones, as fluorite, sugilite, pyrite … where do you get these hidden treasures?

From all corners of the world. I buy materials in India, Mexico, South Africa … but also to various hippies and artisans from the U.S. west coast with whom I have become very good friends. When I buy stones I try to find a  balance between best known and new, with different colors and sizes less.. Originality is another rule of Virgensita not take me. No two bracelets alike, are all unique model, so I have to constantly renew the assortment of stones, pendants and beads. Mass production is not my style.

What is the perfect look to wear with a pair of Virgensitas on your wrist?

I thought they looked great with a bohemian look, colorful, Mexican, of course. But the truth is that many of the girls who have Virgensitas tell me that the clothes look great with elegant and more sophisticated dresses. Everything depends on the design of the bracelet and the personality of the person that it wearing it. So we have Virgensitas bikers, Flemish, sophisticated, hippies, classic … I even made one a for a wedding! And then there is the line of collars for dogs and cats, but these customers tend to practice nudism and do not match their necklace Virgensita not take me more than with the wrist of its owner.

Despite this overflowing love for Mexico, we know that Virgensitas also love Ibiza and escape to our island when they can. Do we reveal their addresses secret?

Vigensita no me lleves were born in Ibiza and l I’m proud of it! That’s why I love to reveal my secret addresses, for example, to shop: Papillon and the flea market of Las Dalias in Sant Carles, and jewelry  Cave in Vila, where I always find wonderful things I would have loved to have designed. To relax, a bath early  in the morning to not share the  with anyone else. And for fun, my friend’s house Susan and Paco in Corona, a palace that I always like to return.

And finally … a dream to meet tomorrow:

Teleportation, to travel to Ibiza without going through the insidious control of airport security and bring me to some people than I have there. Another of my passions is traveling, so this little machine would help me a lot to  discover each destination stones and materials. Who invented will get  Virgensitas bracelets forever!

Prices range from 25 to 35 euros. Markbook from 12 to 15 euros.

Do not miss: blog, where each bracelet comes with a funny mexican sentence or one invented by Rebecca. For a purchase, have a look at the blog and send a mail to

by Judit Carcasona

Special thanks to Carles Ribas for the great photos for this