Magic stones

Stones with healing power, minerals that influence mood, beautiful jewelry that will make glow the women wearing them, moldavites from the stars …. Tesoros del Mundo, in Santa Eulalia, is a fascinating place for nature lovers and people who likes esoteric stones. Xavion, the  owner, has always worked carving stones and minerals to create unique pieces. For 16 years, this prestigious creator was installed at the Marina in Ibiza, but this year he has started a new adventure in his new-store located in Santa Eulalia. We were there, falling in love with these stunning creations.

Pendants made of semi-precious stones and minerals.

Pendants of Danburitecrystal with Ruby

Amatiste stones.

Stones with lot of energy an power, used for decoration.

Jewels made of Lapis Lazuli and Coral are very popular.

Xavion specializes in Moldavites: rocks created by a meteorite impact. They are very rare and powerful stones Here you can take your Moldavite with certificate of authenticity. But we must say that this stones are suitable for everyone. So it is a good idea to hear the advice of Xavion, who has a wide knowledge of the esoteric properties of minerals and stones.

Moldavites are strong and powerful stones from meteorites.

Bracelets in many colors and designs. We love them!


Leather belts with studs by Gianni Di and ibizafashion.

Tesoros del Mundo Ibiza
Isidor Macabich, 25. Santa Eulària.
facebook/ Xavions Energetic Stones 
Telf: 971807217

by Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona