Dream jewels

We discovered Emma Chapman’s creations last summer at Pure Form event at Atzaró. We fell in love with her exotic jewelry, rich in colours, inspired in India and timeless.  Today, we interview this amazing jewelry designer, who started her career doing PR in movies and working for celebrities as Uma Thurman, Daniel Day Lewis or Anthony Hopkins. “Jewelry design was my passion on the sidelines, which then turned from a hobby into a business”, says Emma. Chosen as one of the most promising new designers of today, Chapman has exhibited numerous times at both London and Paris Fashion Week.

You started your career working in theatre and films. Could you talk about this beginnings? Did you work in a famous movie/performance? I worked for many years in theatre and films. My career started at Glyndebourne Opera House and I went on to work at the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre. This led onto my film career where I promoted movies across the world, including all the big festivals like the Cannes Film Festivals. I worked with many celebrities including Uma Thurman, Daniel Day Lewis, Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Thompson, Catherine Deneuve, Isabella Rossellini, Jeremy Irons, Kate Beckinsale, Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Craig, Joseph Fiennes etc. Favourite films include Cinema Paradiso for its magic, Buena Vista Social Club as I got to hang out with all those wonderful Cuban musicians and the film about Che Guevara called Motorcycle Diaries as I worked in Peru with the wonderful Brazilian Director Walter Salles and got to drink cocktails on the amazon with Gael Garcia Bernal.

India is your main source of inspiration. Why did you choose to move to Jaipur?  India has been a source of inspiration for me for many years, due to its incredible cultural heritage. I decided to set up workshops in Jaipur as it is one of the biggest gem markets in the world. It has an ancient tradition of being a gem capital, and also there are incredible stonecutters and master craftsemen here, who I work with in Jaipur, who come from ancient lineages of craftsmen. I am passionate about keeping all these ancient skills alive.  I have also worked in Nepal in Kathmadu, which  has wonderul craftsmen. My inspiration comes from many ancient references and is then given a modern twist.

This summer your were showing your collection at Pure Form event at Atzaró. What were your impressions about Ibiza? I had been wanting to come back to to Ibiza for many years having visited the island long ago, and Pure Form was a great excuse.  I loved the special magic of the island, it is stylish, eclectic and has a wonderful bohemian chic feel to it, which is perfect for my jewellery. I really hope to come back again next season, and find more and more excuses for spending time there.
Can we buy your creations in Ibiza right now? 
For now you can buy my creations on my website –www.emmachapmanjewels.com as we can ship anywhere in the world. I would love to find a good stockist in Ibiza
 Ibiza is pure boho chic style. Wich of our collections would fit more in the island?
All of my chandelier earrings and various cocktail rings, I feel are perfect for Ibiza. Also some of my jewellery has mystical and spiritual significance as well as being a lovely piece of jewellery in it’s own right, which I think would be of interest to some people – like my best selling Lakshmi Pendant, which is named after the Goddess of Wealth and Beauty and is made in the shape of the moon, sun and stars…I think this is very Ibiza.
 You have been showing your creations al London and Paris fashion week and been defined as one of the most promising new designers of today. Any dream to fulfill?
Yes I have exhibited numerous times at London and Paris fashion week and also in New York. A designer is always moving forward and i am working on a collaboration with Nicole Farhi at the moment. I would love to collaborate with other leading fashion designers. I also enjoy doing bespoke work for people – and it would be great to do some bespoke jewellery for my favourite feisty leading female artists, like Angeline Jolie, Scarlett Johanssen, Beyonce, and Penelope Cruz. My own shop would be great too. I am also very interested in the astrological properties of stones and it would fun to work on high end ranges of jewellery, incorporating these special qualities. Most important of all I just want to keep doing quality work using all the wonderful ancient skills that the mastercraftsmen here have – making timeless beautiful jewellery that are heirloom pieces as well as fashion items.

Love Lakshimin necklace,  174  pounds.

Tsarina collection, necklace. 250 pounds.

Gold braceled, amatiste and onyx. 450 pounds.

Bracelet from Love Lakshmi collection. 154 pounds.

Chandra ring. 149  pounds.

Gardenia ring. 198 pounds.

Vishnu Ruby Earrings.  189 pounds.



by Judit Carcasona