I love Phone

Do you love your smarphone? Enjoy costumizing your phone? If you said yes,  just found the place you were looking for: In I love Phone you will find cool accessories for Iphone, Ipad and all kinds of models smarphone. Come into this shop, located on Avenida España, and enter in a universe that will fascinate lovers of design, technology and mobile telephony. A stunning grass floor, elegant black and white striped walls and  shelves with mobile phone covers of many colors and designs.

I love Phone is also the story of two young entrepreneurs from Barcelona, Raquel Puente and David Garcia, who fell in love with Ibiza during a holiday and decided to change their future. “In 2005 we took a trip to the island with some friends and, at that time, we decided we wanted to life here” says Raquel. Two years later, the dream came true. The couple moved to the island, although their business in Barcelona forced them to travel all the time. “We realized we had to do something in Ibiza. The idea came up with David‘s hobby-all that involves mobile telephony”, says Raquel.  David used to work in a mobile phone company, where he realized that, despite the crisis, the sales of mobile phone accessories was growing. “The idea was to provide mobile phone covers and other accessories at affordable prices,” he explains. Two years later, the business grown and they moved from their first location on Avenida Punica to Avenida España. “The mobile business street”, as they call it, because there are a lot of mobile phone companies in this area.

Raquel Puente y David García are they creative people behind I love Phone.

Pastel colors and Hello Kitty are also cool.

Covers for Iphone and Ipad in pastel colors.

Best seller: Iphone covers in silver, black and colors are the best sold in I love Phone.  

Emerald green, fucsia and white, the colors for this spring.

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I love phone
Avenida España, 2o. Ibiza.
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by Julia Fioravanti y Judit Carcasona