Ibiza boots by Hector Riccione

When some years ago craftman Hector Riccione opened his store in Ibiza downtown, he maybe never imagined that his ‘Indiani’ boots would be a revolution on the fashion of the island. Hector was well-known in Italy for his store in Riccione town-of which took his name. But when the boots arrived to Ibiza, it was such a big splash. Inspired by Indian tribes –Hector lived in American reservations- quickly became the object of desire of the fashionistas. Despite the intense heat in summer, you will see coolest women wearing them in Ibiza. It happened something so big that Hector boots are known as ‘Ibiza Boots’. Indiani boots are the most wanted, the most imitated and famous fashion bloggers such as Paula Echevarría and Raquel del Rosario love them.

Indiani most popular designs in brown and natural colors.

Bright colors for a summer Ibiza look.

Hector label, in leather, is the sign of authenticity.

Hector’s window shop in Ibiza, last summer.

Paula Echevarría and Raquel del Rosario have shown their Hector Riccione in their fashion blogs,Tras la pista de Paula and Planeta Particular. Both combine them with short dresses in off-white.



by Judit Carcasona