Breaking boots

Germán Raga and Zaida Garrido are the couple behind a breaker project: boots from different styles inspired by Amazons. These boots are a must have in Ibiza. Under the brand Q trenquen, these entrepreneurs have launched a collection of high-topped and low-topped boots, in different colors and fashionable patterns for the most daring. “I am the designer and  Zaida helps me in everything else. We are a team”,   says Germán. We have seen these boots on the catwalk at the most famous fashion shows in Ibiza, held in places such as Atzaró, Km 5 and Pacha Hotel.

How did you start designing boots? I used to work with horses and I wanted to design boots for me. Then it came the idea to design amazon boots for women in a more modern style, using a variety of leathers and colors.

Q trenquen is a very original name for a brand, how did the idea come to you? It comes from Valencia, from a word that means breaking, like these boots, originating corduroy.

Where are the boots made in? The design is made on the island, and  the manufacturing is done in Spain.

How do you draw your inspiration for the design? I get inspired depending on the skin you find in different countries from skin manufacturers. I have always considered elegance.

Do you also design for men? All our boots are unisex.

Where can we find your boots on the island? In Life Concept, in Marina Botafoch, Golden Italy and Dora. In Santa Eulària you will find them in Queens of Joy and in Can Sabater, in Santa Agnès.

What projects do you have in mind for this summer? We are planning fashion shows in differents places on the island. One of them is the Hotel Pacha.


Prices range from 250 to 500 euros, depending on the syle and type of leather. You can also personalize your boots, choosing colors and style.


by Julia Fioravanti