7 deadly trends

This week has been very busy and we have a lot of things to tell you. A private shopping at Jade Jagger’s home, Urban in Ibiza at Atzaró, a working day in Santa Gertrudis that led us to discover a stunning outdoor showcase, a purchase discount, a Balinese umbrellas that we love …want to know more? Keep reading ‘7 deadly trends’

S’Illot des Rencli. Torquoise waters and relaxed atmosphere in this beach (featured image). In the north of Ibiza, on the road to Portinatx, discover one of the favorite spots for residents on the island. A small beach with typical fishermen’s huts to spend the day with family or snorkeling along the rocks. The waters are very clean.

Getting lost on the roads of Portinatx. On Thursday we were in a private jewelry shopping at Jade Jagger’s home and getting there was such an adventure! To find the house we got lost on the old road routes in Portinatx, an excursion that made us sweat a bit, but also allowed us to enjoy the incredible natural beauty of northern Ibiza. Pine forests, deep blue sea, breathtaking views and in the end, the famous Portinatx lighthouse.

S’Hort Verd. Sant Josep. A cool garden with a relaxed atmosphere. The ideal place for a delicious breakfast with fresh juice, toast and croissants. It is open all day long and they also serve Spanish tapas, mexican tapas, salads, sandwiches and wraps. One of the favorite places for residents. Free wi-fi.

Sluiz Exhibition: The well-known furniture and decor store surprised us with a unique outdoor exhibition in Santa Gertrudis: a dozen life-size cows walking free in the countryside. An original and striking idea by one of the coolest stores on the island.

Urban in Ibiza. Atzaró celebrated its great summer festival. Graffitis, hip-hop and fashion in a event that was a big success. Want to know more? Read Trendy Ibiza on Monday and we tell all about this party.

Sales: Hand embroidery bikini by Calzedonia. Before: 55 euros. Now: € 38.40. Because we still have much Ibiza summer ahead …

We love: Balinese umbrellas by Reina & Roses, on the road to Santa Eulalia. In different colors and sizes, will give an exotic touch to your garden. Do not miss either their precious collections of baskets.

by Judit Carcasona