A love story from Ibiza

It is another sunny morning in Ibiza, just the perfect day to launch our Weddings in Ibiza issue. Today we are very happy to inspire love stories with jewerly designer Elisa Pomar. She cames from a family with three generations of goldsmiths, which has helped her to captured with his creations the essence of the most authentic island. In today’s post we feature the engagement ring. Make your fiancé feel special by giving her a jewel forged with illusions and hopes of generations of women who have helped to write the history of the White Island.

On Ibiza Clouds engagement rings Elisa Pomar

Natalia from On Ibiza Clouds featuring Elisa Pomar jewels and dress by Tony Bonet, here.


The Ibiza bloggers showing her beautiful rings by Elisa Pomar. Photo: Loving my steps.

For generations, engagement rings have meant for Ibiza women much more than a promise of love. Formerly no one gave only a ring ring, the fianccés could eventually use up to twenty! Take 24 gold rings in just 10 fingers, amazing jewelry inherit from your grandmother kept as her most precious treasure, wear an engagement ring that symbolizes love in the form of a heart and a key as a symbol of home …These stories the are part of the essence of Ibiza and Elisa Pomar creates with her jewels tribute to all those women. The designer has been inspired by ancient creations, but also creates modern designs which will delight any bride-to-be.


Picture of a typical Ibizan payesa wearing engagement rings.

See below some engagement rings by Elisa Pomar. The most typical of Ibiza are the golden ones, but the brand has also introduced a line in white gold and modern lines.

Engagement ring from Ibiza in gold Elisa Pomar

Anillo pedida oro estilo ibicenco Elisa Pomar


anillo de pedida de joyerías Pomar Eivissa oro blanco

Anillo oro blanco made in Ibiza Elisa Pomar joyas

Original diseño anillo de pedido de Ibiza Elisa Pomar

Elisa Pomar

Calle Castelar 1. Ibiza

Telf: 628259394

Online shop: http:www.elisapomar.es


by Judit Carcasona