Glam brides

We have been back to Fanny & Co Hair Saloon preparing our issue Weddings in Ibiza 2014. So today we feature several proposals for glam brides. We talked with Sandra Tur, stylist, who revealed us how does this style work. “We need to add volume to the hair, using volumizing hair products, make waves and use a head-dress or decorative items”. And what about the makeup? Always highlight the eyes shocking look. “For us every bride is unique and special. We always study the bride’s personality and style and the type of event. Usually women who want a sophisticated look are very feminine and whit strong personality”, says Sandra.

Fanny & Co

Fanny&Co is a Hairdressing & Beauty Saloon born in 1969. They are specialized in brides images, with wide experience in fashion, makeup, photography and event management. Its aim is to create the perfect look for every wedding look, offering their clients the best picture of themselves.

Calle Ramón Muntaner, 2. Ibiza

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