The prettiest Ibiza bride

Did you ever dreamed of being a pinup? Why not make this dream come true on your wedding day? Today we feature Anaiperez, the person who will make of you an unique and special bride, highlighting the best of your beauty. Prepare yourself to be the prettiest bride in Ibiza.

Ana is a makeup artist and hairdresser with wide experience in the fashion industry and advertising. She has worked for Marie Claire, Hello, Benetton, Roberto Cavalli, Paris Hilton, Pacha and Ushuaia, among others. She is very talented and also uses the newest makeup tips, such us the airbrush.

See below some brides styles by Ana, we are loving all of them!

Photos: Captured by Juliana

Fotos: Captured by Juliana.

To Anaiperez, the most important thing in bridal make up is “getting clean and clear skin, avoiding overloading makeup”. “Personally I tend to go to natural looks. Sometimes I have been asked to create more more sophisticated looks. Then like to highlight the eyes”, she says.

Photos: Ana Lui.

Photos: Captured by Juliana.



facebook/ Anaiperez

by Judit Carcasona