Soft waves

Ibiza is the island of freedom. It smells of damp earth, sea, fig trees and junipers. The kisses have a salt taste, and when a bridal says “I do” it sounds like music. Brides do not want artifices: flowers, tiaras and feathers in the hair and soft waves for a bohemian chic woman who wants to be herself.

Soft waves for a hippy chic bridal.

Feathers in the hair. A hot trend in Ibiza, also for bridals.

In Baransu Hairdressers, a reference for brides on the island, believes that the natural beauty is a must.  According to its manager, Raquel Barba, “brides from Madrid or Barcelona  who want to get married in Ibiza love natural hair and faint waves”.” The wet weather and freedom that characterizes the island, make the “less is more” “Our makeup is also very natural, we focus on a light-filled shadows, a tanned face and natural gloss lip,” says Barba. This year, the bright and vibrant colors are trendy. Also  natural eyebrows, marked and even profiled. “We go back the look of the 50s, but in Ibiza we love naturality, so we are not using red and purple on the lips,”, says the expert.


Soft waves for a chic bridal.

“The brides  want to be beautiful that day, not disguised. They want to be themselves: we recommend long hair and special treatments such as Natural Keratin “

We love: natural flowers in the hair.

Elegant waves whith a brooch.

Special thanks to Montse Monsalve, from Imam Comunicación, for her contribution to this post.