Top 10 tips for a dream wedding in Ibiza

Today Ibiza Trendy reveals the tips for a dream wedding in Ibiza. We have been with the wedding planer Nuria Moreno,  from Events in Ibiza, who told us all the secrets for a successful and memorable celebration.

1.Wedding or ‘no wedding’? “This is the first decision you must make. We have clients who just want to have a party with family and friends and do no need to sign a legal document. In fact, it is not necessary to do it to celebrate that you are in love”, says Nuria. The ‘no weddings’ are booming in Ibiza.

The celebrations on a boat are very romantic.

2. The wedding planner. If you do not live on the island and are going to get married, definitely need one. “It’s the key to a successful wedding. It is important that the person inspires confidence, she/he must be able to define your wedding, give alternatives and think of a plan B. Remember, she is doing all the work, not you! In my case, I always like to have a little surprise for the groooms”, reveals Nuria.

Nuria Moreno, wedding planner at Events in Ibiza, at San Antonio Yatch Club.

3. The pre-wedding. “It’s almost as important as the wedding. Be aware that many of your guests have no idea where they are, so you can not leave them alone, need to have a plan for them. Could be a good idea to celebrate a cocktail the day before the wedding, or just spend the evening chilling out in a spa or enjoying some beauty treatments”.

Ibiza Gran Hotel spa is a great choice for a pre-wedding. More info here.

4. The place. Innovation is the word. “You did not come to Ibiza to get married in a conventional way. Here you can have a ceremony on the beach , on a boat, overlooking a sunset … Everythng should be more informal and spontaneous. If we are on the boat and we want to jump into the water and have a bath, who’s stopping us? “.

5. Dress code. “Foreign people usually want a wedding with all dressed in white, inspired by Adlib style. Indeed it creates a very special atmosphere. Personally I love Ibiza designer Charo Ruiz”. The question is: how do we highlight the bride? Our wedding planner gives us the tips, “Although all go dressing in white, the bride dress should be the most spectacular, it is also very important headdress and bouquet.”.

All guests in white during a wedding on a boat.

6. The entrance. “The arrival of the grooms should be special and be very well coordinated. And everyone have to have the opportunity to congratulate the couple.”

A bride accessing the beach through the forest in Ibiza.

7. The menu. “We try to be a little original, but in fact we do not need a menu with lot of caviar, because in the end it’s not what most people remember. The key is to be able to create a special atmosphere. You can eat standing some canapés while enjoy the music from a saxophonist.. In fact, I have had weddings with barbecue which have been a success!”, says Nuria.

Cakes from a wedding held at Cafe Mambo, in San Antonio.

8. The photocall. “I like to prepare it with  images of childhood and youth of the grooms, people love to remember those moments. I also like thematic photocalls: flower power, vintage style…. At first guests seem shy, but soon most of them are with feathers on the head “.

Remember when:  Your life story at the photocall.

9. Tradition. “Something new, something blue, something old and something borrowed. Im am a bit traditional about this…but it is the only thing in witch I am conventional!,” admits our wedding planner.

Something old: We love this vintage wedding tiara.

10. The post-wedding. “It depends on the hangover! Normally I like to organize an evening meal, something casual in a beach club, also some water activities…and then the party must go on, we are in Ibiza! Remember: Your wedding in Ibiza also involves what happens before and after, this is what will surprise your guests. Make them feel welcomed all the time”.

The after wedding party goes on in Ibiza.

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