MOKKA fashion show at ME Ibiza hotel

Hello! As its was announced, today we feature  MOKKA Ibiza Trendy fashion show at new ME Ibiza.  The roof of this spectacular five star hotel hosted a great party, where we could see on the catwalk the cool designs from MOKKA, the fashionistas new secret adress in Ibiza, and the beautiful feather accessories by Kiti is making magic. […]

Inside Ibiza Trendy’s closet (II)

Good morning folks! Today we feature Ibiza Trendy‘s closet secret part II. Wanna discover our fav clothes this summer? Then keep reading. In the featured image, a blue dress from Mon Amour Ibiza, one sale here. Mirrored sunglasses by Tous and necklace from Accesories. Very Ibiza style: embroidered white dress from Mon Amour, here. Ugg […]

7 deadly trends

Hello Friday! Are you ready for our ‘7 deadly trends’? Dreamy restaurantes, sexy lingerie, some accessories and fashion tips…this and more today on Happy weekend folks! Seafood at Boutique Hostal Salinas. We love this charming place, located a few minutes from the most famous beach in Ibiza, ses Salines, and the Natural Park. Every […]

Tye-dye hair

They are here and came to stay. And we love them…we are talking about tye-dye hightlights, the new hot trend in Ibiza this summer.  They are daring, different, fun, colorful … Do you dare? Baransu Peluqueros assure us that they will be the must wear of the season. The balayange effect was a must last […]

10 top accessories for the Ibiza summer

Good morning! Finally spring has come to Ibiza. The days are longer, the sun is brighter and the weather is warmer. It’s time to prepare your summer outfits!  Today Ibiza Trendy features the 10 top accessories that you need to enjoy the new season on the island, chosen from the most charming shops on the […]

Ibiza fashion against cancer

The fashion show organized last Sunday in Santa Eularia against cancer was a big success. The model Laura Ferrer, promoter of the initiative, closed the show with a remembrance to her mother, Lali Ferrer, who died from the disease. Twelve designers from Ibiza were involved in the show: Beatrice San Francisco, Beatrice San Francisco Men, Coco […]

7 deadly trends

Are you ready for the weekend? Spring is almost here and we are willing to go out and enjoy. Today we propose a good restaurant, a vintage event, cooking workshops for children and much more!  Welcome to ‘7 deadly trends’. Vintage Event. Today Friday from 5 pm at Vinyl Restaurant, in Sant Jordi, Colectivo Vintage Ibiza […]

7 deadly trends

Good morning! It’s Friday so let’s start to plan the weekend! A restaurant, a really good beauty treatment for a youthful skin, a big party…and the most important thing, a demonstration  against the destruction of the wonderful Ibiza sea because the fuel search plans.  Please keep reading! Demonstration. On Saturday from 12 am leave your signatures […]


Good morning! As every Wednesday, today we feature the “Look of the week”, very inspired by the starts. Most shops in Ibiza are on sale now so we have been doing some shopping and getting great disccounts. Yes, it is that time of the year to renew your wardrobe. Today I am wearing gold silk […]

Let’s go sales!

Let’s go sales! Although some stores in Ibiza have been making some discounts from 1st January, this week it is the time to visit our fav shops and purchase the coolest clothes and accessories at the most affordable prices. Do not miss our last minute sales selection. Peacock parka with strass on the back and fur […]

7 deadly trends

Christmas is all around and also at ‘7 deadly trends’. Today we give you some ideas to enjoy Xmas time in Ibiza. Be happy! Flea market. Next Sunday 22 from 11am to 5 pm, new edition of Once Upon a time, special Xmas. At Hostal Boutique ses Salines. A good chance for last-hour shopping. Shopping & […]