Flower Power

We are very happy to introduce Spring-Summer 2017 collection from Ibiza Trendy online store. There are a lot of amazing stuff now online, and it’s not easy to chose only one thing.  At last I went for a fringe dress in blue, the color of the season.  It’s a design by Tony Bonet and it’s made in Ibiza. I have combined it with heel sandals from Amour Ibiza and boho necklaces. The flower garland is by Belén Boheme. 

Cotton fringed dress by Tony Bonet, here.


The flower garland is by Belén Boheme and it’s hand painted. We love this designer, who creates real artworks with her hands. Her headdresses are just perfection and has a great variety of models to wear in any occasion, also for brides. More info here.

Trendy heel sandals with rhinestones from Amour Ibiza.

Dress Tony Boned,  here.

Heel sandals,  here.

Leather fringe clutch, here.

Holantina necklaces, here.

Flowers garland, here.

by Julia Fioravanti